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A Tundra Tabloids’ source says: “Yesh din uses Belgian taxpayers funds only to help Palestinians file legal actions to accuse Israelis of war crimes, which is somehow OK. And they totally missed the lack of any transparency on funding for Palestinian NGOs, which is handled by Belgium’s representative office in Ramallah. Hopefully this will trigger a more serious debate in Brussels. They may find some better ways to spend these serious amounts of money.”

Kudos to both Benjamin Weinthal and NGO Monitor for fleshing out the facts surrounding the issue. The Europeans have for a long time stood behind the façade of humanitarian work in their helping the Palestinians, when in fact they pour money into working against the Jewish state.

If anyone needs to be reminded, the ‘youth camp’ in Oslo attacked by the mass murderer, Anders Breivik, was in fact a Leftist political youth camp funded by the Norwegian government which held anti-Israel activities on the day preceding the attacks. There have been Fattah representatives at these ‘youth camps’ on prior occasions. KGS

NOTE: The mustards in the picture were demonstrating in Belgium during one of the many anti-Israel demos that shame that capital.

NGO Monitor slams Belgium funds for ‘anti-Israel’ group

08/14/2011 02:24

Yesh Din denies it files suits against Israeli officials; Belgian official says country funds activities, not organizations.

BERLIN – The Jerusalem-based watchdog organization NGO Monitor has issued a report alleging that Belgium taxpayer funds are being used to finance ‘anti- Israel’ NGOs, including lawsuits against Israeli officials.

According to the newly released NGO Monitor report on Belgium, the Federal Public Service, an intermediary governmental agency in Belgium, provided payments in 2010 to “political advocacy NGOs that claim a human rights mandate, such as Yesh Din, Public Committee against Torture in Israel (PCATI), and Combatants for Peace (CFP).”

“The transfer of over 800,000 euros in the past three years from Belgian taxpayers to opposition groups, under the façade of promoting peace and human rights, adds to the resentment of many Israelis, including Knesset members.

Many criticize this as manipulative and anti-democratic,” Prof. Gerald Steinberg, the president of NGO Monitor, told the Jerusalem Post.

NGO Monitor charged that Yesh Din – Volunteers for Human Rights used funds to initiate litigation against Israeli officials because of alleged human rights abuses.

More here.

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