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Under normal circumstances, Gates of Vienna does not publish in any languages other than English (in its American, British, Canadian, and Australian variants). However, we are making an exception for the following opinion piece by Caroline Glick. It was written after the author was publicly attacked by Norway’s Deputy Foreign Minister for an earlier column she had written.Her response in The Jerusalem Post includes this explanation:

While the focus of my column was the Left’s attempt to silence their conservative opponents, I also noted that widespread popular support for Palestinian terrorists in Norway indicates that for many Norwegians, opposition to terrorism is less than comprehensive.


Since my column was a defense of free speech and a general explanation of why terrorism is antithetical to the foundations of liberal democracy — regardless of its ideological motivations — I did not focus my attention on Norwegian society. I did not discuss Norwegian anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism. Indeed, I purposely ignored these issues.

But when on Friday, Norway’s Deputy Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide published an unjustified attack on me on these pages, he forced me to take the time to study the intellectual and political climate of hatred towards Israel and Jews that pervades Norwegian society.

Read it all here in Norwegian at the GOV

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  1. This country should be renamed to “Noway” It must be something wrong with their water . Or maybe quisling bloodline?

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