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Remember folks, the only reason that this poor couple are called ‘adulterers’ is because a fundamustard system deems them to be so, against all logic and reason. The woman should be allowed to fall in love with whom she wills, she’s a human being, not property.

Adulterers ask the court to help marry them

Emirates 24/7: Woman says she is pregnant and demands marriage before delivery

A man and a woman facing adultery charges asked an Abu Dhabi court to press parents to approve their marriage before the baby’s birth as the woman is pregnant in her third month, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The unnamed coupled had confessed to committing adultery and told the judge they had done so after the woman’s father refused repeated requests by her lover to marry her, the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Albayan said.

“The girl told the judge her father had just travelled home but the judge promised to a find a solution to their marriage…he adjourned the case to August 16.”

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  1. Islam the absolute time warp, still trapped i9n the 7th century.

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