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How much do you want to bet that these criminals looting stores and burning buildings and cars in the streets, vote for Labour. The Tundra Tabloids calls on the Leftist politicians to totally distance themselves from their core base of support, the mob. KGS

Surrender! Powerless police let the mob seize the streets, looting shops and starting fires in their wake

Last updated at 4:53 AM on 9th August 2011

Violence and mayhem were spreading like wildfire through the capital last night with police apparently powerless to act.

Scenes of mob rule became more terrifying by the minute as widespread arson and anarchy was added to the orgy of looting.

By midnight flashpoints had multiplied around London, with Clapham, Hackney, Dalston, Peckham, Woolwich and Lewisham added to the list which already included Enfield, Walthamstow and Tottenham.

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NOTE: There is no doubt that fundamustards are involved in the violence, this picture show ‘asians’ as well as one wearing the keffiyeh, the scarf of the jihad. But most of all, this is the work of those who cling to the Left, upon whom Labour panders for their vote. They’re joined at the hip ideologically, and you can take this to the bank, if it were the EDL fomenting the violence, the police response would have been completely different, with dogs into the streets and police with batons and clubs flailing.

Labour supporters hard at work

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  1. This is why the Israelis use rubber bullets. If the british had done so as well then this would have lasted a few hours of one night only.

    The people who intentionally caused these riots did so in order to make the general populace loose confidence in the authorites. Whatever else self appointed spokespeople will say will be lies.

  2. @truthocty, I had to walk through the peckham riot yesterday to get home. the yoof are rioting to smash and grab stuff they cant afford, sticking it to the man is just an added bonus. These riots have nothing to do with race, politics or anything else, as I heard rioters saying, “We’re gonna loot harder and more than Brixton”

  3. How soon we forget the heavy handed ‘police tactics’ used in Northern Ireland , Belfast in particular. Rubber bullets, armored vehicles, dogs, mass arrests, and any means necessary to restore ‘order’. IMHO the no balls PC UK government it s##t scared of being accused of being racist, however seem to have no problem keeping and restoring ‘law and order’ in Northern Ireland. Soon after the shops are empty and the ashes are cold the apologists, the liberal butt kissers will come out with the usual verbal diarrhea, lame excuses, and phony excuses for this blatant criminal behavior, which has more to do with lack of respect for everything, from government to other folks rights, safety and property. What else can you expect from decades of liberalism with no personal accountability.

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