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If it had been a camp of Sweden Democrats assaulted by a Left-wing extremist, shooting scores in a bloody massacre, how many of you think that they (the bigger parties in Sweden) would be pointing a finger at the policies of the SD as being to blame for their own attack? The TT does.

Think of how the more established Swedish parties (the self anointed elite) took to disparaging the Sweden Democrats over the years as basically being riff raff, which undoubtedly led to SD politicians being assaulted by real riff raff. As the TT recalls, the Swedish PM, Fredrik Reinfeldt, stated at one point (here also) that the SD had their own selves to blame for their members being assaulted, yet no one took the PM and the Swedish elite who agreed with him to task for fomenting violence.

“I want to stress that those who make a living out of inciting an us-against-them mentality and a thoroughly hateful way of looking at relations between people should not be surprised if these things happen.”

Do you see the double standard here folks? The self anointed Swedish elite foment political violence against the SD (with the media’s blessing), publicly painting bulls eyes on the backs of SD politicians, and then blame them for any violence that they may encounter as result of their declaring it’s open season on them.

The established political system is in some way responsible for the present day climate in the public discourse, due to their brutal, over the top and beyond the pale disparaging of politicians and pundits with whom they disagree. The witch hunt against the tolerant and patriotic citizens of Europe, especially here in Scandinavia, has gone on long enough. Time for civility if they can manage it, it will be reciprocated in like manner. KGS

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Åkesson stands firm on immigration

Published: 7 Aug 11 10:28 CET |

The Local: Despite the recent outrages in Norway, Sweden Democrat (SD) leader Jimmie Åkesson refused to change his stance on the controversial party’s line on immigration during his summer speech on Saturday.

Addressing some 500 people in his hometown Sölvesborg in Blekinge, Southern Sweden Åkesson stressed that recent events would not make a difference to the party line, although he believes it should trigger a less combative tone when debating such issues, not just among his own party but all his opponents as well.

“We must be able to continue to criticise Sweden’s immigration policies without being blamed for mass murder,” said Åkesson.

However, he added, “What is important to emphasise is that we will always keep a good tone in the debate, that we have a civilised conversation and we hold back throwing the gravest expression at each other. This applies to me and all politicians.”

Flanked by security guards as he made his speech from the podium at a marina in the town Åkesson once again expressed his anger that the party had been held in some way responsible for the atrocities in Norway because of their outspoken opposition to multiculturalism and refused to condemn the Fremskrittspartiet (FRP) the right wing party which had such an influence on Anders Behring Breivik.

The Norwegian party has promised to tone down its rhetoric in the wake of the incidents, which Åkesson claims is a good example for parties like his own to follow.

He said, “If you mean just what it is now important that we stick together and that we as Democrats stand up for sensible political discourse, it is a great policy initiative.”

H/T: Baron Bodissey

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