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UPDATE: More Murray, as well as the hopeless anti-Israel whack-job Maryam Namazie who the TT ‘chatted with’ in Sweden some years ago. While I respect her chastising the Left for it’s illogical ways in aligning itself with the Islamofascists, the TT totally rejects her illogical thinking concerning Israel and the EDL. She’s totally wrong, and since she supports statism and identity driven politics, she has a lot more thinking to do about being against Islamofascism, since she is tied at the hip with those who promote the same policies that have created the mess in the first place. KGS

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  1. I love Douglas Murray, he’s always right on the money. By the way, isn’t Namazie a communist?

    1. Yes POTB, she’s a commie, and I had the displeasure of listening to her rant on about Israel when I was there for the Lars Vilks viewing of his artwork. She’s a real piece of work.

      1. I didn’t know that. Seems strange to me that someone from Iran talking about ‘political Islam’ doesn’t seem to recognize that Israel is facing that same threat. But then again, Jew hatred makes people so blind that they are willing to turn a blind eye.

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