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The Left devours its own!

Okeefe is a bonafide loon, now it looks like he is a thief as well as sitting his tail in jail! Oh the shame of it all, let alone the shock and surprise that a serial liar is also a thief and a scoundrel as well. KGS

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Ken “KOK” O’Keefe is well known to regular readers as the antisemitic thug whoclaimed he took down some Israeli naval commandos, and who unintentionally helped dispel the notion of “Concentration Camp” Gaza.

He’s a huge liar, which is something now his one-time allies are realizing (hat tip: Walt).

Is Ken O’Keefe a Shill?

Most of us are familiar with Ken O’Keefe. He is a renowned activist for Palestinian rights, famous for renouncing his US Citizenship and being aboard the Mavi Marmara when israeli commandos boarded the ship. After the ship was captured, Ken was allegedly beaten by the enraged israelis, and marked as a terrorist.

These exploits have cemented O’Keefe’s reputation, and made him a rising star in the truth movement. But it now appears that Ken’s public persona, and his exploits, were lies. Jo Ann Wescott, a former volunteer and donor to Ken’s many charities, has written several posts on facebook that expose Ken O’Keefe.

She initially accused him of financial malfeasance – using donations made to Palestinian causes for personal gain. She went on to post accounts of Ken threatening people, abusing women, having affairs, ect. She even revealed his connection to a known pornographer and freemason!

It appears she was right. According to unconfirmed reports, Ken O’Keefe is in jail…

More here at Israellycool

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  1. OT. I am having problems accessing the blog Winds of Jihad( I keep getting the message “The site has been disabled. Contact your service provider for further details”. I have no interest in contacting my service provider. Is it my location only or are there other bloggers in other locations having similar difficulties? Would appreciate any helpful suggestions or workaround the problem.

    1. THE Sheik informs that the problem will soon be resolved, due to overload of teh system he’s finding another server with bigger bandwith

  2. Capturing Ken O’keeke is not for Israel but, for Palestine. As you well know all political groups and groups of authority etc. Are not perfect at all…..Just because, activists have their bad apples does not mean the cause is bad. Not at all! Police, Doctors, Politicians, etc. All have bad apples. But, the entire groups are not condemned because, of it. So the same should also apply to the activist world. Activists are human…..But, Ken’s humanity is very questionable in every way. He is a disgrace!

  3. I don’t like him at all. But that he apparently has links to a pornographer and freemasons is not relevant here in this context. Not everyone who has connections to porn or freemasons is therefore ipso facto a bad person!

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