Ruport Murdoch has done all the right things to amend for the breach in public confidence and the law, by closing the offending paper and offering apologies, nothing else should be done. The BBC is beating this story like an unloved step child,… to death, in hopes of recapturing it’s former glory as the preeminent news carrier in the West. Screw that, the Beeb is an over bloated Leftist hangout of malcontents and propagandists that promote an agenda that will ruin Europe. KGS

More evidence war on Murdoch is about BBC preserving its dominance

“Thus when the BBC decides to manufacture a story, or ignore another, it forms reality for millions in Britain and world-wide.” – Michael Gonzalez, 30 July 2003 (Wall Street Journal)

That is what the BBC is desperate to maintain. No one looking at the current Guardian-BBC onslaught against News International should do so without understanding the historic context and the real agenda behind the fight. But first, lets remind ourselves of the current situation.

The Guardian and BBC started its latest offensive using the years old story of ‘phone hacking’ as a pretext for renewing its war with Rupert Murdoch. News International was nothing but a proxy in this fight. With the fall of the News of the World, arrest of Andy Coulson and resignation from News International Chief Executive, Rebekah Brooks, the Guardian-BBC axis could have declared victory in its campaign to exact a price for the criminal behaviour of Screws journalists. But they have not done so as the real target was always Murdoch. Never mind that Murdoch may not have known any details of operational criminality by some of the employees inside his media empire, for the Guardian-BBC cabal this was never an issue. The aim was always to take out their biggest rival.

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