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His fellow Muslims broke into his own home and beat him with a cord for drinking, the newly converted chap wasn’t up to snuff with all the fundamustard rules! This will be interesting to follow, a clear case of Islam in the raw, and the leftards will have to confront it. KGS

Vlad asks, what would you do for a Fosters?

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  1. Have no fear, the lunatic, leftist, liberals, will as usual try to explain away this crime and others perpetrated by ‘faithful followers of the teachings of the prophet’ as an anomaly, and will call for ‘understanding’, dialogue, and reaching out to the Muslim community. IMHO there is little hope for those afflicted with the mental disorder of liberalism.

  2. Isn’t it about time that Australians voted to re-establish their right to own firearms for self protection?

  3. @Bruce: No. I still don’t think, we Australians should have the right to own firearms for self protection. I am no anti-gun person. In fact I would love to use them. The only ones I have ever used were the .38 I think, when I did my gun licence for the security industry and I loved it. But I still think, it has no place in the society for self protection.

    What I do think though, is that this falls through with governing. I wrote something in similar in my blog about how I felt about this related issue and had few of my friends read over it after it was written and they all agreed. My stance hasn’t changed since seeing this news. It only re-enforces it.

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