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For the most part, the Greens party is made up of Leftist malcontents and other associated political loons. To put it bluntly, they’re a freak show. If this latest gesture of lunacy is ever implemented, you can be sure that the musulman will be allowed his sharia law in Finland. KGS

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This is wanted in Finland

Finnish Greens’ youth organization wants polygamy.

THE PRESIDENT of South Africa, President Jacob Zuma, posing with his wives, Nompumelo Thulin, Thobeka Mabhijan and Sizakele Khumalo . Polygamy is represented by Zuma of the Zulu tribe traditions. (EPA / AOP)

Green youth and student union (VINO) believes that Finland’s marriage law shouldn’t discriminate against the sex of the partner nor the amount thereof.

– This is something that should be discussed. The law should allow for people’s life style, not to rule out situations that people find themselves in. Polygamy is written in newspapers. At least the newspaper articles of people living in such relationships have been happy with the situation. I do not see why this should be prevented within the law, Inka Venetvaara chairman of VION says to Iltalehti.

Venetvaara acknowledges that polygamy is quite far from the Finnish traditional conceptions of marriage.


Temperature is to blame

Fierce criticism of the Greens previous views was presented by True Finns, Pentti Oinonen, Pentti, who thinks that the ideas of polygamywas due to heat stroke.

– Maybe they’ve taken too much sun, when thoughts like that are made public. The heat is said to worsen in the near future, so we’ll see what comes next, Oinonen says to the Iltalehti.

More here in Finnish.

3 Responses

  1. The very honourable Jacob Zuma has had to embrace corruption in order to pay for his house full of wives. He did divorce at least one wife, Nkosazana, but that can be fully understood in that she clearly ate too much at the dinner table. The divorce however was a little more complex than the thrice repeated “I divorce you” of Mohammad, Abdul and friends. The other clear advantage is that they can now all fit into the happy picture. Happily, Mr Zuma is also allowed to discipline his wives as he sees fit. That too would fit in with the Green Sharia.

  2. Not to worry my friends – they’re more freaky and idiotic in Australia and the Gillard government relies absolutely and totally on their support to stay in government.

    Gillard (our Prime Minister) is flogging a carbon tax at the orders of Bob Brown (leader of the Greens) as more than half of the 72 House of Representative seats that Labor holds depended on Green preferences at the September 2010 election.

    To illustrate how freaky Brown is he has actually stated publicly that he favours a World Parliament based in Australia.

    Freaky, freaky, freaky.

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