Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands


Deranged Anti-Israel Syndrome in full bloom. KGS

Opposition to Israeli buses in Waterland

Israeli public transport company Egged has won the public tender to operate a regional bus service in the region of Waterland – just north of Amsterdam – from the end of this year. Newspaper Trouw writes that local action groups regard the situation as indirect Dutch support for Israel’s settlements policy in the West Bank. Egged is Israel’s main bus company which also operates an Israeli passengers-only bus service to the settlements in Palestinian territory.

The Dutch action group ‘Working Together for Palestine’ says Egged clearly supports Israel’s controversial settlements policy. One of the activists says in Trouw that “ Egged makes money from trampling on the rights of Palestinians.” The action group would prefer to call for a boycott against Egged’s bus service in the Netherlands, but will refrain from such a move because there is no alternative bus service in Waterland.

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  1. Scr*w those groups, they have been nothing but trouble. The Dutch government should stop giving those ‘Palestine’ groups money.

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