Islam in France


Getting them off the streets is a good thing, giving them property to do so is not. If they can’t afford to pay for a residence where no one has a problem with their activities, then they should just have to lump it. KGS


A large hangar on the outskirts of Paris could be turned into a place of worship for Muslims, with the city’s police keen to stop members of the community from praying on the streets. Police authorities have already identified a former barracks that could hold the large number of worshippers who meet every Friday in Rue Myrha and Rue Polonceau, in the multi-ethnic Goutte d’Or area in the north of the city. Prayers take place in the middle of the road because the nearby mosques are too small to deal with the numbers.

The situation, which has been going on for some time, has led to traffic and public order problems, with some local residents on a war footing. The leader of the far-right National Front party, Marine Le Pen, has even drawn on the issue as part of her campaign for the 2012 Presidential elections. The government of President Nicolas Sarkozy, mindful of losing votes, has promised to resolve the issue.

Today’s Libération newspaper says that the police have found a huge hangar that could be turned into a makeshift mosque: a disused barracks near Porte des Poissonniers, between the road heading north out of Paris and the Périphérique, the city’s famous ring road. Yesterday, the Imam of the small mosque on Rue Myrha, Hamza Salah, visited the proposed new site. Moussa Diakité, the Imam of the mosque on Rue Polonceau, visited the hangar a few days ago. The building is owned by the Ministry of Defence and part of it is already occupied by an association that provides support for the homeless.

The other part, some 1,500 square metres, is currently unused. The plan would see the area shared between North African Muslims from the Rue Myrha mosque with sub-Saharan Muslims from the Rue Polonceau. But in what conditions? And, above all, “who will pay?”, asks Daniel Vaillant, mayor of Paris’s 18th arrondissement, who says that a law passed in 1905 forbids the secular state from financing places of worship.

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  1. An old slaughter house would be more appropriate for mustards.

  2. Rapper Cortex to pay 1 500 EUR after rapping about killing Marine Le Pen by strangulation – 1 000 EUR to Marine Le Pen, and 500 EUR to cover court expenses

  3. Nice try, and if you were dealing with reasonable people, this hangar might be the solution.

    But Muslims have no intent in helping you solve problems. Their aim, it should be obvious, is to cause trouble. This so-called “praying” in the streets is a political statement as well as a threat to those who would upset Islam.

    France, you’re going to have to come up with more sterner measures to deal with your Muzzie problem.

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