Dearborn Michigan Muslim Intimidation


The TT was talking with Vald in the morning and he brought up the following story that the TT published a day or so ago, and he had deliovered such a great line on it that it demands repeating:

Behold! I go amongst ye like a pellet amongst the hamsters!

Here’s the vid once again for those who didn’t see it the first time around. KGS

2 Responses

  1. The mob’s comments are unintelligible, but I can make out some comments: The Muslims are correct, 100%, according to Islamic doctrine where those in Dar al Harb (the non-Muslim world and its inhabitants) have no right to invite others to hear the Gospel, no right to their own possessions (thefts from his backpacks) no right to equal protection under the law (nobody in the crowd who threatened this man were arrested or charged by police.) Creeping Sharia. Islamic doctrine holds that if a country resists in any way the imposition of this doctrine, they are enemies and can be attacked. I can’t imagine the courage of this preacher to face such a mob of animals. His faith in Jesus must be tremendous.

  2. I already saw this video a few days ago. Looking at it I’m shocked that these kids (because that’s what a huge part of the crowd is) are so indoctrinated. Look at that angry face of that little guy when he starts yelling at the preacher.

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