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The Sweden Democrats are asking for the same things that the present Finnish government is implementing, yet the SD is the one raked over the coals for being….’waycist’. KGS

‘Tighten border controls’: Sweden Democrats

The Sweden Democrats demanded increased border controls when the Riksdag debated free movement within the European Union on Tuesday. “Criminal networks have been given the present of the century by the EU as have you here in this chamber through the decisions that have been taken here over the last two decades,” said Kent Ekeroth of the Sweden Democrats during the debate. According to Ekeroth the lack of border controls within the EU only benefits criminals.

He also claimed that the border police in Malmö in the south of Sweden have given up in the fight against refugee smugglers, saying that illegal immigrants should be seen as criminals. He demanded that Swedish border controls should carry out more random testing against people they suspect “don’t belong here”. But justice minister Beatrice Ask retorted that to bring back border controls between European countries would prove an impediment for all the Swedes that are set to head out towards European destinations in the next few weeks.

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