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You see, she chooses freely to involve herself in a sport that has strict guidelines for its competitors to follow, but instead of conforming to the rules, she seeks to change the entire sport to suit her preferences. That’s the way Islam behaves, hey kaffirs, conform to us! Tolerance! KGS

Muslim weightlifter fights to compete, hijabi-style

Barred from competing with arms and legs covered, American appeals to sport’s world bod

She can “deadlift” 240 pounds, and “snatch” more than 100. But, as Kulsoom Abdullah recently learned, she can do neither in a national competition unless she agrees to bare her arms and legs.

That is a non-starter for Abdullah, a 35-year-old Muslim-American who says that such exposure would violate her deeply held religious beliefs. But rather than giving up on her dreams of competitive weightlifting, she’s pressing for a change in the sport’s international rules.

Abdullah may be the only woman in the world who lifts in sanctioned competitions while wearing a hijab — the traditional Muslim dress that covers the head, arms and legs. But her dilemma is one that is cropping up in many organized sports in which Muslim women are seeking to compete, sometimes for the first time.

“I think it would just be nice that in any sport, if there’s a lady who covers her arms and legs … they could still be involved,” Abdullah said. Turning to her chosen sport, which is male-dominated, she adds: “With the dresscode (as it is) Muslim women might think it’s not something they should do.”

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  1. Religion of peace is always on the outside
    Religion is on the inside

    1. Unfortunately in her case, the word “strong” becomes an oxymoron, considering that competitive athletics at this level, necessitates, apart from physical strength and technique, even strength of mind – which obviously this muslima is lacking of, as she obstinately insists on vehemently defending a symbol of an archaic and misogynically oppressive religion, that deprives her and her Muslim sisters of the human rights, women in the civilized world, enjoy.

      More Muslimas exhibiting “strength” (religiously induced pig-headedness) and beauty. Luckily FIFA had the insight and backbone to tell them to take their demands and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

      1. Wow, Infidel. The hijab itself doesn’t represent misogyny, just that many people frequently don’t understand that religious extremists are the exception, not the rule. Should all hairdressers be offended by Sikhs, Jews, Muslims, and the Pope who cover the tops of their heads out of deference to God? I think that she should be commended for her courage to pursue a male-dominated sport as a Muslim woman, in the face of a prejudiced public that thinks that a Muslim can’t be a feminist while still practicing her religion.

        The reason that lifters must expose skin is so that judges can verify joint angles and to prevent people from gaining an advantage from compression clothing. This seems like it would be relatively easy to get around in Abdullah’s case.

        For the record, I am not a Muslim. I’m just sick of American bigotry in the name of “patriotism.” Whatever happened to the American ideals of freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and equality?

        1. Islam is anti-female, just (secretly) ask the women around the world who ARE FORCED to wear that scarf. the head scarf is a political symbol of Islam, that’s why it was banned for decades in Turkey until the Islamic fundamentalists came to power. It has been previously banned in other Muslim countries as well, until now. You’re going to have to ask yourself the question why they saw it as a threat first.

  2. Why is it that “everything” in the free world has to now change to accommodate Islam? We are slowly having all of our freedoms taken from us. I am offended–what? Is it only Muslims who can be offended??

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