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A year in a half ago, Muslims in Finland disrupted a funeral of a Christian convert from Islam, with the immediate family members watching in horror as the dead man’s other relatives, (Muslims) snatched the casket and said Islamic prayers over it, totally disregarding the deceased’s choice in religious belief.

Muslims disrupt funerals of infidels in Holland

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  1. Ironically, this obscenity is in itself, a violation of the Quran. The dictates are that the other followers of monotheistic religions have the right to worship in their way. However, this is consistent with practices like genital mutilation of women and the use of the full burqua itself. These are practices originating from pagan theologies (clitorectomy was from ancient Egyptian pagan rites and the burqua was adopted from Hinduism) and are technically forbidden by the Quran’s dictate to be rid of pagan practices.

  2. max winkler

    An excuse made for Islam is that the burqa was adopted from Hinduism. Well have a look at ancient Hindu temples that have survived Islamic destruction – naked women galore. Hindus adopted the burqa and face veils as a means to protect their women from being preyed on. A beautiful Hindu woman would immediately become the prey of the Islamic overlord or any Muslim who could get her hands on her, rape and then marry her if she was lucky. The practice continues to this day. Children obviously became Muslim.

    Why is it that Islam adopts the worst aspects of other cultures, while leaving redeeming features alone. It explains why Islam, unlike other religions, becomes more barbaric over time.

  3. Another thing – Sura (33) very conveniently for Muhammad–abrogates traditional Arab law and permits him to marry his adopted son’s ex-wife, and the requirements for a veil that covers the whole body except eyes.. So the veil is not some cultural adoption but straight from allah himself.

  4. If that happened to a funeral over here in the UK The EDL would fight back at the scum. Its a shame the DDL is kaput, they lacked the balls to fight for their culture . The EDL leadership have all had attacks on their homes and yet they still fight on……..

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