Gaza Flotilla


The pro-Hamas flotilla readies itself to try and breach Israel’s legal weapons blockade of the Gaza Strip, a highly political move that serves the genocide promoting fundamustards that run the enclave with an iron fist. The Leftists love them. KGS


(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV – Israel’s Navy is completing its preparations to block the ‘Flotilla’ of pro-Palestinian activists that is about to set sail for Gaza over the coming days to try and break the sea blockade of the Gaza Strip. “That Flotilla represents a threat to security of Israeli civilians”, the country’s army spokesperson repeated on its website today, stating that permitting free navigation to Gaza would open the doors for “the terrorists of Hamas”to re-supply themselves with arms in an uncontrolled way, arms that would doubtlessly then be pointed at Israel. Given that checks on the high seas do not offer sufficient guarantees, inspections of ships headed towards Gaza will have to take place in the harbours in future.

Following which, Israel adds – humanitarian aid to the Palestinian population can be forwarded to Gaza overland. Israel has recently been conducting military exercises at sea to better train its commandos and avoid the loss of human life in the event of an interception of the Flotilla, as happened in the case of the Turkish ship Marmara. Nine people were killed and dozens wounded on that occasion. Now, by using water canon, Israel is hoping to win the upper hand over the activists without any bloodshed. The news that the Marmara has decided against taking part in this flotilla was greeted with relief in Israel as that ship had been considered the hardliner of the operation. Currently, news is that around a dozen ships should be setting sail for Gaza, with between 500-600 activists on board. Members of the Turkish NGO, IHH, who took part in the hand-to-hand fighting on board the Marmara a year ago, could be taking a ride on other ships, as private individuals.

But the tone of the demonstration has been set, Israeli sources say – by the organization Free Gaza (which is based in the US far left) and Europés ECESQ, which has, according to Israeli sources, there is also a militant Islamic faction. According to some analysts in Israel, the ‘Flotilla 2’ is a provocateur expedition whose main aim is to show Israel up in a bad light. There does not appear to be any particularly substantial aid bound for Gaza on board. With the feeling that the initiative is primarily a piece of propaganda, Israel has attempted to give measure for measure. According to the press, when the Flotilla is boarded (which appears to be inevitable if the ships ignore the warnings from the Navy), the radios on board will be jammed. For its part, the Navy will record every phase of the operation and transmit its images to the world almost in real time. (ANSAmed).


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  1. I’m fed up to the back teeth of these “do-goody” liars and lefties. Gaza needs no aid whatsoever, it is already brimming to the top of the cup with food and drink, and also with arms and rockets. I pray hard that the good Israeli navy will just blast these ships out of the water… that’s all these wet rags deserve. Go Israel, Go! God bless Israel and curse the lefties and the Arabs.

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