First the video tape from Vlad:

Dear Prime Minister Gillard:

Thank you very much for your message to Jack Layton and the NDP. In that short 2 minutes, you’ve shown yourself to be completely ignorant of what our New Democrats are all about and you’ve made common cause with one of the most reactionary political parties in the western world. Well done.

When it comes to women’s rights, the NDP can make all the right noises, but in fact, they’ve been consistently against the UN and NATO mission in Afghanistan. Somehow, the women in Afghanistan don’t mean much to the NDP, and I guess, they don’t mean much to you. If the western world had listened to the likes of Jack Layton, the Taliban would be firmly entrenched in Afghanistan, and women would be stuck in their homes wearing black tents. Welcome to the world of the NDP!

Prime Minister Gillard, perhaps you would like to know that many members of the NDP have shown themselves to be completely ignorant of Middle Eastern history, Indeed, just last year, the deputy leader of the party was caught on video claiming that Palestine had been occupied since 1948. Yes, this from the deputy leader of the party!

In the last election, the NDP showed their disdain for democracy by running candidates who didn’t so much as take one step in their ridings during the campaign. Some of their candidates in Quebec don’t even speak French. But, no matter because the NDP is the party of the people, no?

I could go on and on about the NDP. Their opposition to the Alberta Oil Sands, their inability to face up to the terror threat, their willingness to disarm Canada, and their way too friendly attitude towards jihadists.

But, you want to emulate them! Are you really that stupid?

Fred Litwin

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  1. Yes – she is that stupid.

    I just sent a longish response to TTs but it did not go through.


    1. Raymond, you must have a browser issue. Remember to use an alternative method when writing longer posts then copy and paste them into the comments. Sorry to hear of your loss.

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