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  1. Just as I suspected there is no shortage of ‘useful idiots’ in France. The fools are giving aid and comfort to the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ who are attempting to turn France into a part of the Caliphate. It boggles one’s mind to witness most nations in Western Europe committing act of national suicide.

    1. you are absolutely right.
      The muslims laugh and plan the killing of christians and terror against busses and subway in Paris.

      1. Thanks Ole, I wish I wasn’t right on this though. We have heaped a whole bunch of bad upon ourselves and don’t know how to correct it due to our liberal laws and moral society.

  2. Since when representing Israel makes you an integrist? From what I saw, the peaceful people attacked the supposed integrists.

  3. OMG!..what has become of the World!?! Then again it was France so of course they did this!

  4. The French are making a fool out of themselves. What else is new?

    So how do you say: “May you rot in hell Islamonazi’s?” in French?

  5. The crowd shouting Murderers and ‘We are All Palestinians”
    The cops telling the pro- Israeli supporters ‘you can’t pass here’.
    Typically in the end they book the pro -Israeli supporters.

  6. One guy grabbed the flag, then while the pro Israel guys were busy with him the others jumped them from behind en masse. It was like they planned to do it that way somehow. And then it was the jews who were arrested. They didn’t attack anyone. Why did they get arrested? This is unfair. The arabs claim to be victims but they always act like bullies while the’re doing it.

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