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Any clue to the identity of the woman would be greatly appreciated, it wouldn’t surprise however, if the perp proved to be a fundamustard and/or a socialist. KGS

Bomb Threat Prompts Sweep of Plane at Washington Airport

Washington (CNN) — A bomb threat made at an airport ticket counter in Dayton, Ohio, prompted a search of a US Airways flight that landed safely at Washington’s Reagan airport Sunday, authorities said.

A law enforcement official said Sunday afternoon that no explosives have been found and the scene is now clear. The woman who made the threat in Ohio, who was taken into custody, may have mental health issues, the official said.

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  1. Duh . . The woman may have mental health issues? Don’t all these people have mental health issues?

    Of course I may be wrong. Just asking.

  2. Raymond

    When the media uses the “mental” health issue, they have effectively accepted the Muslim excuse for this type of terrorism ie terrorism performed by Muslims in a Western country is because the Jihadi is mental. The main purpose is to not make the Muslim population, which is grow rapidly, appear to be a threat.

  3. Yes, there is a strong pattern of SJS being dismissed with the “previous history of mental illness” diagnosis.

    What appears to be new is the refusal of authorities and msm to release the identity of the suspect when it is clear the suspect is an adult (minor offender’s identities have routinely been protected).
    Washington metro area sees numerous mid-June bomb threats
    Quote: “. . .54-year-old woman from Shelbyville, Kentucky has been placed in the custody of mental health professionals after she admitted to making the bomb call because of a message from God. It’s unclear whether she will face charges. . .”
    Note the location of the suspect’s origin is listed as Shelbyville, KY. What’s interesting about that is the odd coincidence that “All Americans Must Die” written on wall of Tyson Chicken plant [Shelbyville] that adopted Muslim holiday in 2008

    What about the 51-year-old Woman from McLean, Va. who threatened to blow up a DC train last week? She too is unidentified and is undergoing a mental health screen before they decide whether to charge her. Per Fox5 DC, local news she was dressed in “Islamic garb while other news reports stated she is a Muslim Indian woman, who screamed “Praise Allah. I’m going to kill the world” and that people were literally running over each other to get away from her when they heard that.

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