It’s all about feeling offended, not whether the supposed offense is based on truth or not. Islamic inspired street vigilantism is what keeps these muslim countries in check, and will never become western style democracies, for one can never be truly free to speak one’s mind openly.

Islamabad, June 18(ANI): A terrorist outfit targeted a bank in Pakistan on June 13 because its floor tiles and their design were strikingly analogous to the sacred name, Allah.


A bank guard was killed and four others were injured in last Monday’s suicide attack on an Islamabad branch of a bank.


Bank officials confirmed that the administration had received complaints about the design of the floor tiles, and that some individuals had also met the management official in this regard, but neither the area police nor the bank administration took any action on the objections raised by the group.


When contacted, the bank’s president said that the allegation was baseless and concocted.


“It cannot even be imagined to disgrace the holy name of Allah Almighty. We are Muslims and can never think of the disrespect to the name of the Creator,” The News quoted him, as saying.


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  1. you fuck n ass hole u should remove this image or Allah ALLMightys wrath shall hold you may ALLah curse you

    1. It’s a mighty privilege to be cursed by an ROP’er, it means I’m on the right path.

    1. Yasir, It’s making a point. You will have to learn to deal with your being offended in the exact way as we Westerners do, if you want to be treated as equals. Things offend, Islam offends every day of the week, 24/7, yet you have the right to offend as long as you do not advocate violence. If you want to join the 21 century, and be treated as an adult on equal terms, you will have to just suck it up and resign yourself to be offended at one time or another like the rest of us. One good spot of advice, if the picture offends you, don’t look at the post.

  2. Oye kameeny admin ye post delete kro..sharam tumhai nhi aati..lanati murtad

  3. You mother fucker ! Remove the image ! And you think you are right !no ! You are wrong ! What you are doing sitting some where in some room hidden like a rat ! Come out and display image like this in public ! And see what happen

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