Terry Jones


You have to give this guy a whole truckload of kudos. Take note that the fundamustards who spat at him would more than likely have loved to cut him up into little pieces if the police weren’t their. No matter how long they’ve been out of the MIDDLE EAST, they still harbor the same muslim mentality that they left behind. KGS

Arrests made as Quran-burning pastor walks from Deaborn City Hall to Arab International Festival

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) – Police have arrested at least three people who tried to block Pastor Terry Jones from walking from Dearborn City Hall to the annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn.

The Quran-burning Pastor held a rally outside Dearborn City Hall. He began his march to the festival as a mob of people jeered at him, some spitting in his face.

Jones was picked up by Police and put into a black Ford Explorer with officers. He was escorted back to City Hall, where he decided he would head back to his hotel.

Pastor Jones and those with “Standup America Now” had requested the assistance of the National Guard as they expected “thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people opposing our rally.”

City and Community leaders have urged people to ignore Jones.

In April, Jones held a protest outside Dearborn City Hall, after being told by the court that he could not protest outside the Islamic Center of America, the largest mosque in the country.

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