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The political hacks are pukes. Calling someone a racist without offering a scintilla of honest, factual proof that they do indeed espouse racist views, is the work of a punk. Robert Kennedy Jr. is the lowest of the low and an opportunist, who needs to be reminded that his party, the Democrat Party, that created the Jim Crow laws, and who hold the distinction of seating a man in the Senate who was a former KKK’er.

RFK Jr., is a simpleton, and a statist, whose ideology (read = socialism)  is responsible for the victimization of multitudes of ethnicities / minorities, and continues to do so. He’s not someone to be taken seriously, rather, someone who should be taken by the sleeve and led to the rubber room where he belongs. Thanks to Frank Kitman for the vid. KGS

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  1. What a twit, lefties, just like dodo birds, couldn’t recognize danger if it hit him on the head. Bet he thought Hitler was just misunderstood too.

  2. Of course Gert Wilders is not a racist.

    I wonder whether Kennedy has ever taken the time out to actually listen carefully to what Gert Wilders has to say.

    THis is just another sad example of what a person says about another person revealing much about the speaker but nothing about the accused.

    Very sad indeed.

    Had he taken time out to listen to any of Gert Wilder’s speeches he could not possibly have arrived at such a conclusion.

  3. What kind of drugs is he on? They should consider letting kids watch this moron as an example of how booze and drugs fries brains–it must be booze and drugs, right?

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