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Nicholas Kristof is an idiot, and for that matter, so is retired general Wesley Clark whom he quotes. Simpleton socialists, that’s what these two people are. There was a caller last night on the Mark Levin show, 16.6.2011, a woman named Pat, who spoke about the Kristof column and US military life.

The caller explained that, though people like NYT columnist, Nicholas Kristof, look at the military’s (outside of blood and guts warfare) collectivist system of health care and child day care system with envy, these are actually considered by US military personnel, part of the sacrifices that they have agreed to put up with. Military society is structured on bare bones necessity, not on comfort of choice, it’s full of the sacrifices the caller Pat talked about.

Simpleton socialist morons like Kristof and Clark couldn’t care less about these sacrifices being placed upon civilian society, they look at the socialist platform and salivate. It’s a shame that these simpleton socialists enjoy positions of influence in American society, because they are doing a great disservice to its people, in both uniform and in civilian life. KGS

H/T: Mark Levin

The United States armed forces knit together whites, blacks, Asians and Hispanics from diverse backgrounds, invests in their education and training, provides them with excellent health care and child care. And it does all this with minimal income gaps: A senior general earns about 10 times what a private makes, while, by my calculation, C.E.O.’s at major companies earn about 300 times as much as those cleaning their offices. That’s right: the military ethos can sound pretty lefty.

“It’s the purest application of socialism there is,” Wesley Clark, the retired four-star general and former supreme allied commander of NATO forces in Europe, told me. And he was only partly joking.

“It’s a really fair system, and a lot of thought has been put into it, and people respond to it really well,” he added. The country can learn from that sense of mission, he said, from that emphasis on long-term strategic thinking.

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