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If you think that there is freedom of speech and assembly in the UK, think again, this is the state that has little ‘free speech’ parks for it, then bans people from participating in it as well as in politics. If George Orwell was alive, he would be telling the state right now that his book ‘1984’ was not a training manual. KGS

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EDL Leader Tommy Robinsion Banned From EDL Political Activities By Stasi British State

The following is from the EDL website and refers to the continued persecution of EDL Leader Tommy Robinsion:

Defence League fall victim to the regime of those in high places in a pathetic attempt to silence the truth.

Our leader, Tommy Robinson, was charged yesterday by Lancashire police over the Blackburn demonstration and by the Bedfordshire police over the local Luton demonstration against Richard Howitt.


The Blackburn demonstration was on the 2nd of April, two and a half months ago, and the Luton protest was three weeks ago, so why are the police suddenly finding reasons to charge Tommy? We’ve already seen Tommy face various trumped-up charges that have been laughed out of court, and we’ve seen the ludicrous charge against him of assaulting a police officer as the Muslim extremists burnt poppies.


(If you can see anyone being assaulted here who isn’t Tommy, please get in touch — you have special powers!)

Heads are turning and the MP’s are worried about us. They know we’re right, and they know we are exposing their utter failures and incompetence by allowing Islamic extremism to prosper in the UK.

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  1. The lackeys and lapdogs of Islam in the UK government must be voted out of office.

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