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The woman is either a spinmeister or clueless dweeb. Any Jew or Christian, Hindu or Buddhist who knows anything about sharia, knows that the jihad against the infidel is solely to implement sharia law in the land, which means all are to be subjected to its rule, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Amy Sullivan typically takes to comparing sharia with that of Jewish Beit Din, or even Catholic canon law, and finds no differences, “it’s all about marriage contracts and commercial disputes”, so no need to look behind the green curtain.

There is a world of difference between these religious systems, only sharia law involves the non-Muslim, you only need to ask those who have been victimized by it to understand the stark differences, it truly does affect those who belong outside that ideology, as Robert Spencer notes:

So, if you are someone who defends freedom of speech, freedom of conscious, meaning the freedom to choose or not to choose a belief system, and a whole host of other freedoms that come with the right to voice one’s opinion, then you must be against sharia law. Amy Sullivan is an ignoramus. KGS

NOTE: Oh, and the same woman also described Barack Obama as a “pro-life president”. She’s a Leftist first, and an evangelical Christian second. After reading up on Sullivan, she understands her own religious beliefs through her political ideology, and hopes to subvert her fellow believers into joining her.

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Column: The sharia myth sweeps America

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Then how do Muslim countries use sharia for their systems of justice?

There are indeed some violent and extreme interpretations of sharia. That is what the Taliban used to rule Afghanistan. In other countries, sharia may be primarily used to govern contracts and other agreements. And in a country like Turkey, which is majority Muslim, the national legal system is secular, although individual Muslims may follow sharia in their personal religious observances such as prayer and fasting. In general, to say that a person follows sharia is to say that she is a practicing Muslim.

How and when is it used in U.S. courts?

Sharia is sometimes consulted in civil cases with Muslim litigants who may request a Muslim arbitrator. These may involve issues of marriage contracts or commercial agreements, or probating an Islamic will. They are no different than the practice of judges allowing orthodox Jews to resolve some matters in Jewish courts, also known as beth din.

U.S. courts also regularly interpret foreign law in commercial disputes between two litigants from different countries, or custody agreements brokered in another country. In those cases, Islamic law is treated like any other foreign law or Catholic canon law.

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