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Tough luck. Please do take note of the chairman of the Finnish-Somali society ‘denouncing’ anchor babies, a means by which the family sends an adolescent abroad claiming asylum in order to get the rest of the family into the country. Yusuf Mubarak wants to come across as a stand up guy, but he’s putting a predictable spin on a problem that costs Finnish tax payers millions of Euros a year. KGS

Somalis in Finland concerned about plans to tighten rules on family unification

Somalis living in Finland will find it more difficult to bring family members to this country next year when new rules are to take effect.

The exact stipulations of expected legislative change remain unknown but according to a report aired on Thursday by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE), the aim is to harmonise family unification policy among the Nordic Countries.

Sweden has introduced new rules under which someone wanting to join a family member already in the country must have reliable identification documents. In Somalia’s cases this effectively means that arrivals would need to produce a passport issued before the Somali state collapsed in 1991.

Yusuf Mubarak, chairman of the Finland-Somalia Society says that implementing such a requirement would amount to an end to family unification.

“Why would a Finnish citizen who came from Somalia at one time, who is studying at university or serving in the military, be denied such a fundamental right?” Mubarak wonders.

Mubarak feels that such a narrowing of the right to family unification is a violation of human rights.

However, he also feels that changes in legislation are in order.

“One condition might be integration into Finnish society, such as having a job. The debate has gone in the wrong direction. Resources in Finland have also not been used efficiently enough, in the form of interpreter services offered by Somalis”, says Mubarak, who has lived in Finland for 20 years.

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  1. 3% of the entire Somali population of the world is in the UK. 90% of these are unemployed. Many are also criminals – brigandage is the culture of Somalia. Many are involved or have been caught as Jihadis.

    So what is the situation in Nordic countries.

  2. Good for Finland. Most of ‘m lie about their families anyway.

  3. Ha-Ha-Ha!
    Fins pay more taxes for them and work very-very hard!
    I hope you’ll bring all African nations as well.

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