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So those of us who are against group rights are now racists. See how that works? This is the problem with the statist driven group identity politics that has become the linchpin in social democracies as well as in the United States.

Multicultural politics is the death knell to a healthy multi-ethnic society, in spite of all the good intentions. Please do pay attention to the part where the professor makes the ludicrous claim that when women achieve equality special treatment will end. Yeah, riiiiiight. KGS

NOTE: This is all about statist politics vs. individual rights. Leftards still get confused over it.

“It comes with very strict constraints and is also temporary. For example, when women’s position at the workplace has improved, then it [special treatment regarding women] should end,” the professor explains.

More here.

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  1. IMHO Affirmative Action is just another form of discrimination and denies qualified individuals opportunities and put less qualified folks in employment and teaching positions, in essence it is reverse discrimination, and in the long run is destructive to society.

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