Islam promotes this pedophilia because Mohamed, the founder if Islam, married a 6yr. old girl and deflowered her when she was 9. Since Mohamed is believed by Muslims to be the supreme example of human behavior, the perverted practice continues.

That other 3rd world (non-Muslim) regions have the same practice is a tragedy as well, but there’s hope for them, eventually. In Islam however, where the central figure is revered and shown to have involved himself in the pedophilia, it will always remain a key central right for the mohammedan male. Those are the facts. KGS

H/T: Scottish Infidel

“‘Whenever I saw him, I hid. I hated to see him’: Tahani (in pink) was just six years old when she she married Majed, 25 (standing next to her). The young wife posed for this portrait with former classmate Ghada, also a child bride, outside their mountain home in Hajjah, Yemen.”

Wide-eyed and haunted, the heartbreaking expressions on these young girls’ faces hint at an innocence cruelly snatched away.

They should be playing, learning and enjoying their childhood. But instead these youngsters, some as young as five, are being married off in secret weddings. It is estimated that every year this happens to ten to 12 million girls in the developing world.

In India, the girls will typically be attached to boys four or five years older. But in Yemen, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and other countries with even higher rates of marriage at an early age, the husbands may be young men, middle-aged widowers or even abductors who rape first and claim their victims as wives afterwards.

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  1. The relentless subjugation and cruelty to women, is only marginally less then the cruelty Muslims men/ Islam inflict on animals

    Two Christian girls were kidnapped, forced to convert to islam and marry their captor. When the girls’ father tried to get help from the police, he was told by the cops to “forget his daughters. Via Pakistan Christian Post:
    Rebbecca Masih and Saima Masih were kidnapped in Jhung the district of Faisalabad.

    As explained by the two sisters` father, Rehmat Masih, a few days ago a wealthy local businessman, Muhammad Waseem, had previously warned that he wanted to marry the two girls, then threatened to kidnap them and convert them by force. Rehmat went to the police to file a complaint, but they did not take action. On Tuesday, May 24 the two girls were stopped while returning from the market, and some men kidnapped and threw them in a car owned by Waseem.


    Christian girl being sexually abused to make her convert to Islam Christian girl being sexually abused to make her convert to Islam Leponline (thanks to Urban Infidel)

    (1) The video was received by a group calling itself “Free Copts”. It shows an incident in which a Coptic Christian girl was sexually abused in an attempt to Islamize her. She belonged to a large and wealthy family of Christian Copts living in Minia in upper Egypt. One of her Muslim neighbours induced her to go to his house. Upon arriving there she was surprised to find a group of young Muslim males. They forced her to go with them to a nearby house. They threatened to kill her if she made any noise or cried for help. They forcibly took her clothes from her and videoed her completely naked next to one of the young men. The plan was to blackmail her into marrying him by informing her and her family that the tape would be made public unless she did so.


  2. From every crime Islam gets a free pass every time. Why can’t west or National Geographic can see through this with some logic and reason. In Muslim countries a child married[female] off to a grown man and that is called PEDOPHILIA. It is sanctioned by Islam and is LEGAL in many MUSLIM countries. In India/Nepal a child[female] married off to child[boy]. This is called CHILD MARRIAGE. CHILD MARRIAGE is ILLEGAL in INDIA[and possibly Nepal].
    How can a sane person put both of them together? I am really disappointed with NG.

  3. Indian, child marriage is illegal in Nepal too, and pedophilia is also illegal here.

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