You see how the mind of the Left works? Islam is deemed by the Left as a group that challenges the traditional society and therefor something to be aligned with, regardless how illiberal its members may be. According to the Left Muslim sensibilities are to be catered to, Christians however, are dirt. KGS

Left-wing extremists chanting slogans against Christian prayer

GOTHENBURG Now the left’s intelligence reserve struck again. In an organized prayer during the National Day of Gustav Adolf Square sung by Christians with roots in Asia, Africa and South America marched a group of anarchists with black banners in the square and chanted slogans against “racism and nationalism”.

During the National Day was an organized prayer held in just over one hundred locations around the country. On Gustav Adolf square in Gothenburg, around 500 Christians gathered to pray and sing as a motley crew of anarchists with black banners suddenly marches in and disrupt the meeting by chanting slogans against “racism and nationalism”.

The mob, which almost only consisted of ethnic Swedes, aroused great attention among the Christians with roots around the world, many of whom were upset over the disrespectful behavior.

Although Deacon Eva Clarängen asked for the multicultural society and vulnerable people tried anarchists overpower her with slogans that no asylum seekers will be deported and the like. Police were called to the scene and kindly refused to end off the mob.



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