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The UK based blog of Old Holborn, without a doubt, nails the following story squarely on the head. We are headed into a tyranny straight from the Soviet era, and without even the firing of a shot. KGS

Old Holborn: I remember back in the days when we were regularly told by the Media that the people of the Soviet Union were enslaved by their governments, not allowed to speak out, elections were rigged or only ever had one candidate, criticise the party and your house, your job, your pension were gone. “How awful it must be to live under such a regime” we were told, not free to travel about, meet up with friends.

Trillions were spent on Defence systems to make sure the evil Reds could never inflict their restrictive authoritarian systems on us, the Free, in the West.

I wonder why we bothered. I just got a press release from West Midlands Police stating that between Friday 27 May to Thursday 27 October 2011, they will enforce an order allowing the dispersal of two or more people if their behaviour is deemed “anti Social”.

Freedom of movement and Association have consistently been abused by our beloved “Police Service”. From ASBOS banning people from walking the streets of their own town, to super injunctions shutting the mouths of the masses, we are where the Soviets were.

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