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  1. Everything is in order, this is part of a cultural exchange. The next Somali National Day celebration in Mogadishu will feature newly immigrated Swedes from the suburbs of Mogadishu, who will sing and dance “Små grodorna” and serve traditional pea soup with port (“ärtsoppa med fläsk”).

  2. In the Indian Ocean merchant ships are protecting themselves with barbed wires on the railings and armed mercenaries on board, against Somali pirates. In the meantime Sweden promotes the Somali barbarian culture on their national day.

  3. Somalia is a land of primitive people, who have lived by theft and brigandage., When that inherited trait couples with the criminal cult of Islam (Muhammed the brigand and serial nurderer), one has a Somalis.

    Sweden, a land of the 6 months of night, may well be entering the perpetual night.

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