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Many a musulman will reject the notion of Islamic anti-Semitism all the while promoting the myth of Islamofobia, downplay the Holocaust while promoting the genocide of the Jewish state, thankfully Glenn Beck is doing a series on this covered up phenomenon, something of which, btw, the TT has posted on for years. Kudos to Beck for highlighting Islamic anti-Semitism for the American public, the more they know about it, the better they can maintain a good head sense of what they are opposing. KGS

In Praise of Glenn Beck: He Does the Job Everyone Else Ignores

Today’s blog is a tribute to Glenn Beck, whose recent programs on Israel, anti-Semitism, and Jew-hatred of an Islamic strain have been unique in television fare, and in which Beck has been serious, passionate, and committed in his desire to defend Israel and to let Americans know why they should join him in this cause.

I have been critical of Glenn Beck many times in the past — I disagree with his penchant for accepting old John Birch Society figures’ views of our American past, particularly those of the late W. Cleon Skousen. As an autodidact, one of his problems is teaching as he learns something, and speaking out on a subject before he fully knows different interpretations and before he has had a chance to evaluate a subject thoroughly. I am especially critical of his brief discussion a year or so back on the topic of the 1950s in America and McCarthyism, and his reliance on the views of M. Stanton Evans. I and others have seriously dissected Evans in other venues.

But now, just as his ratings are evidently at an all-time low — although two million viewers per night is no small number — he has been devoting his air time the past few weeks to the need for defense of Israel and has been doing this in a way that no one else in the media is. Last night’s program, a careful overview of Jew-hatred through the centuries and a detailed look at the ties between Nazism and the Palestinian movement of the 1920s and 30s, was simply essential viewing for those who care about the future of the Jewish state.

First, look at the footnotes he provides on his website for the information he offered on the program. Viewers who take his admonition to look for them and actually read them will be led to a reprint of the important article that appeared a few years ago in The Weekly Standard written by the important German scholar Matthias Kuntzel, author of the very important book that came out in 2009 (which I wish he had included): Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11. The book includes an introduction by the distinguished historian Jeffrey Herf.

That might lead readers to Herf’s own very important book: Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World, which recently came out in a paper edition. And that, in turn, might lead some to read Paul Berman’s book: The Flight of the Intellectuals: The Controversy over Islamism and the Press.

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  1. Among Christians (particularly dispensationalists), many of us understand the Bible to teach that the coming Antichrist will be supported, if not propelled by, a one world religion, and that this Antichrist will confirm a short-term (7-year) covenant (like a hudna) with Israel, and that this will result in a shared Jerusalem and the worst time of hell on earth since there was a nation, with almost everyone dying. To this end, Glenn Beck is a very dangerous person, as he is a blasphemous, anti-God, humanist interfaither just like Obama, but from the right side. He also is a replacement theology person (though of the Mormon variety), believing that Americans are Israel. He is horribly dangerous for Israel. He is deceiving the political right onto the path that will lead to a shared Jerusalem. He also is working toward the UN Millennium Development Goals agenda (with fellow blasphemer & universaleist Oprah, no less). Like Obama, Oprah, the UN’s Alliance of Civilizations, etc, Beck teaches that humans can be gods. He also lies, a lot.

    1. I’ve been following that. The issue of circumcision for males is an issue that will also backfire against the counter-jihad if pressed. The Left can’t help but to stick its nose into the private affairs of the citizen, and I would even defend a Muslim’s right to practice circumcision, as long as it’s not part of the islamization project, being a private affair. This is an ugly development.

      1. I think so too. I would like the government to stay out of our private lives as much as possible. Apparently the Lefties are showing their innernazi’s once again. Remember that about 60% of the male population in the USA is circumcised, so why only attack the Jews?

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