Headlines such as this do not even manage to raise the eyebrows of news editors, sure they’ll print a blurb or two then bury it deep in the foreign news section. If it were happening in Israel however, it would be front page news, for days, but where the Arab/Muslim Me is concerned, it’s the soft racism of lower expectations that rules the day. KGS

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02 JUNE , 12:52

(ANSAmed) – ALGIERS, JUNE 2 – The crackdown yesterday by Algerian police during the repression of a protest staged in the capital by the country’s doctors who are calling for regulatory changes in addition to better compensation, which they have already received, has sparked controversy in Algeria and made the headlines in many newspapers, such as Watan’s front page which stated:

“This is too much”. Even though no official figures have been reported, many doctors and police were injured when law enforcement officials in anti-riot gear tried to clear the road occupied by the nearly 500 protestors, all wearing white shirts, a short distance away from the Mustapha Pacha Hospital. When the doctors began the protest, which had been predicted to be peaceful, police intervened firmly, using nightsticks and water cannons to push them back to the perimeter of the hospital.

The doctors (who were on strike during the week) had the worse of the skirmishes that ensued, agreed nearly all reports in the newspapers. “We peacefully demanded for their rights and violence is the only response that we received,” said a doctor whose white shirt was stained with blood, cited by Watan. Residents in the area witnessed the clashes, and recounted how at least four of them who tried to stop the harsh reaction by police were taken into custody and hauled away by law enforcement agents, probably to one of the police stations in the area. The prime minister has also taken a stance against the striking doctors in recent days, using firm words and accusing them of having a lack of patriotism and little respect for the sick.



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