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VIA: Egypt: Prominent Cleric Says Financial Problems Can Be Solved By Conducting Jihad Raids To Capture “Slaves, Women And Children To Sell Like Groceries”…

“Prominent Egyptian Salafi Shaykh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni explains that Muslims’ financial difficulties are due to the fact that they have abandoned jihad. The solution? Go on jihadist raids a few times a year, and bring back prisoners, including women and children, which can be sold in the market like groceries to bring in extra income when times are tough. Unbelievable.”

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  1. Sorry to say but lack of knowledge on any issue leads to all this.If you have to know what Islam teaches then you have to read and follow the authentic sources and not muslims or even ulemas on that matter.Some might be wrong and its utterly disrespectful to bring disgrace to anyone’s religion whether its Islam or any other religion because all religions teach us to respect each other and our differences.Before writing or posting anything about any religion one must know its authentic sources and should have applied some significant research on finding the answers of some misconceptions instead of blindly believing in them.Peace

    1. Yes Armana, I agree on one point, we have to know about what islam teaches, and curiously enough, you believe that this cleric knows nothing at all about it. You’re either ignorant, or being deceptive. Islam is not a religion as others, it’s a whole society, with its texts devoted to the disparaging of the Jew and other non-believers. It’s a bigoted book, and its most respected commentators, like Bukhari, have written one disgusting line after another proving my point of just how much the koran is detrimental to the health of society and the individual.

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