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Olli Rehn, the Finnish Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner for the EU is in denial, the only way for the Greeks to bail themselves out of the mess they’ve created for themselves is to leave the Euro and return to the drachma and drastically cut the public sector job force.

Olli Rehn does however make an interesting statement, the EU’s launching of the Euro, was and still is, a political project meant to forge a federalist union. It’s something that was vehemently denied from the every beginning, but they lied.

This statist, Olli Rehn, is the fellow who as dictating to Ireland when they could hold parliamentary elections. There is no bounds to their lust for power, the EU is a statist project with the destruction of the nation state as their main goal. An ulta-nationalist EU agenda is in force, with allegiance to these unelected fools in the “commission”.

If you love your freedom, your individual state and the sovereignty the should come with it, join the TT in saying “to hell with Rehn and the entire EU project”. KGS

‘There Is a Certain Aid Fatigue in Northern Europe’

SPIEGEL: So you are no longer ruling out a return to the drachma?

Rehn: I do not see a withdrawal from the monetary union as a serious option. It would harm the Greek economy and be a setback for European integration. The euro is more than a currency; it’s the central political project of our community. For this reason, too, we would not accept a Greek withdrawal.

SPIEGEL: But the Greeks themselves have played out the scenario of reintroducing the drachma.

Rehn: All I can say is this: I am not aware of it. We in the Commission and in the euro group are not working with such a scenario.

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