“It’s one of my highest honors. It is my most solemn responsibility as president to serve as commander-in-chief of one of the finest fighting forces the world has ever known.”  Huh,  can you name one that is even close? Who else are you talking about,  Mr. President?

Always keeping it classy, huh Barack?

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    1. Good point, but we’re talking size here and military might, super power sized that has a long history of liberation.

  1. Ahem Britian also produces fine warriors too ya know KGS, The Paras, Commandos, Marines, SBS and not forgetting the good old SAS! And our pilots dont bomb friendly forces either!

    1. @An EDL buck

      Sure the Brits are good, and hate to squabble with friends.
      Who saved the day in WWII? Size and might, no comparison.
      In war, friendly fire can happen. It’s tragic. War is hell you know.. especially when fighting a “politically correct” war, with handcuffing rules of engagement.

      In WWII it was the anti-Semite, Fascist Hitler.
      Now it’s Islam, with its anti-Semite Muslims, they are the enemy.
      And Barry Ubama? He’s one of them.
      Notice how he recently “pretended” to revere Sir Winston Churchill in his recent “Toast to the Queen”? Barry is too transparent. At least to me.
      Besides all that, Barry is not the President of Israel of Britain, he is supposed to be the President of America. He’s killing us you know…

    2. I’m talking about super power status of the US and the power it projects…it’s been unlike any other in the history of the world. This is not a dig on the UK or ISrael.

  2. Barack Obama, the Anti-Semite in Chief.
    All his life he’s been an America hater, thought he had to apologies for her.
    A national disgrace.

  3. @ Just being real
    know what you mean mate! One of Barrys first act was to send back a bust of Sir Winston Churchill to England, Then his wife manhandled our Queen! They are low rent scum who need a damn good kicking IMHO!

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