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This all due to the open borders, free movement regulations within the EU. Nothing will get Finns more upset and involved in getting rid of some of measures enforced, than having their beloved summer cottages being broken into by roving foreign criminal gangs. KGS

“Hit and Run” Cottage Burglaries on Increase

Burglaries of holiday homes rose by a quarter between January and April of this year, compared to the same period last year. According to police, the number of burglaries perpetrated by foreigners only in Finland for a short time has shown a marked increase.

“We can talk about ‘hit and run’ robberies, in which criminals come to Finland from abroad, rapidly burgle a holiday home and then quickly leave the country,” said national Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero.

Police are now paying special attention to this type of crime.

“Last summer we exchanged information with neighbouring countries, and we got tip-offs about what kind of groups are involved,” explained Paatero. “This has brought good results.”

Perpetrators of the targeted attacks come to Finland most often from Lithuania and the other Baltic states.

The crimes are difficult to solve, according to Paatero, because the perpetrators leave the country quickly and the crimes are often not reported for some time as the owners of holiday homes are not necessarily aware they have been robbed.

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