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Canadian PM Harper is a gem.

Israeli FM Lieberman: If we only had more Western states like Canada speaking the truth about the conflict.

Lieberman thanks Canada for pro-Israel stance at G8

05/28/2011 02:20

FM tells Canadian counterpart John Baird “Canada is a true friend of Israel”; Canada objected to wording of G8 call for renewed negotiations.

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Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman spoke with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird during a telephone conversation on Friday and thanked him and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for their pro-Israel stance at the G8 summit. Lieberman said during the conversation that “Canada is a true friend of Israel.”

Group of Eight leaders had to soften a statement urging Israel and the Palestinians to return to negotiations because Canada objected to a specific mention of 1967 borders, diplomats said on Friday.

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  1. The reason that there’s no peace in the Mid East is ISLAM.

    Why, in Heaven’s name, is this not expressly stated time and again. Especially by Israel and its leaders.

    Those in the anti-jihad movem know this. Increasing numbers of Americans know this as knowledge of Islam and Muslim practices become more widely known (despite the best efforts of the MSM to keep the lid on this knowledge). Growing numbers of Europeans also know this.

    Israelis know this. Above all Bibi knows this.

    Why then do leaders, Bibi among them, not talk of Islam as the underlying road block to peace in the Mid East? In his recent talk to Congress(05/24/11) Bibi dropped some clear statements, but certainly not enough, and certainly not express enough on the assertion that Islam is the reason why there is no peace. Quoting the Verse of the Sword (9:5) to a world that is generally unfamiliar with the core texts by which Muslims run their lives would surely have an eye/ear-opening effect.

    To repeat, why don’t we hear Israeli leaders, all of people, quoting and citing chapter and verse of Islam’s core documents as part of its (Israel’s) information campaign to the unaware world?

    The Muslims do NOT want peace. They want Israel annihilated. With Muslims, there is NO compromise. It is, IMO, very much in Israel’s interest to bring that fact out into the open. Let Muslims defend their positions. Let the world see the unreasonableness of Muslim thinking, a thinking that does NOT embrace the Golden Rule of Love thy Neighbor.

    It strikes me that the dissemination of this information on Islam would be a winning tactic for Israel.

  2. I think it’s nice to see Harper speaking out for Israel.

    @ Frank Scarn
    Sure Israel knows this, but what will happen if Israel actually says so? How do you think the world will react? We are forgetting that the anti-jihadist groups are not that big. By the way, they have started to open their eyes a little bit, just look at Eldad inviting Wilders over in Israel.

    This is not shocking, but I just thought you should know:

    Btw, KGS, couldn’t you find a better picture of Lieberman? 😉

  3. @POTB, How do you think the world will react?

    Of course the “world” would have conniptions, but so what? It’s not as if the world would begin to hold Israel in any lesser regard than they already do. But giving a greater widespread to the core doctrines of Islam, information that is deliberately glossed over or ignored by the MSM, more of the uneducated would begin to see why peace will never be found in the ME. The palestinians and Muslims more broadly will never accept peace with Israel because they, if they are to be true to allah/Mo’s written instructions, they as Muslims canNOT be at peace with Jews.

    Don’t you think that is relevant information for the world to learn, to explain why peace hasn’t come to the ME?

    1. I do thinks it’s relevant, but it’s not like the ideological part has never been discussed. I think they should focus more on the ideological part (Islam), but what I’m trying to say is that this is not only Israel’s job to do that, but also the rest of the West. If Israel does something bad, they get slammed. If they do something good, people say it is propaganda. It doesn’t matter what the people of Israel say, because the world continues to ignore it. For people to understand the conflict it also takes the rest of the West to understand it. Remember, Europe (by funding the Palestinians) also plays a role.

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