Finnish Military Political Correctness


Because everyone knows that having a woman in command of a group of men that she’s physically unable to keep up with, is such a great idea. Here we have Lefty political correctness trying to make hash of the military guidelines in picking potential candidates for officer training.

This is about being able to lead, being expected to fulfill the requirements necessary to complete any mission or objective. Lowering the bar is not equality, it’s the expectation and demand of any candidate, male or female, to fulfill the requirements and be judged according to their ability which gives them equality.

Of course the Finnish army rejects the Equality Ombudsman’s opinion, for all the obvious reasons:

”On the battlefield, bullets don’t distinguish between men and women,” said Mika Penttinen of the National Defence University.

Enough said. KGS

Equality Ombudsman: Defence Forces’ Fitness Tests Favour Men

published yesterday 07:07 PM, updated yesterday 08:28 PM

Military cadets from the Nordic countries compete at the Nordic Cadet Meeting in Helsinki on May 26.

To become an officer in the Finnish Defence Forces, candidates must prove they can run 2,600 metres in under 12 minutes. In Equality Ombudsman Pirkko Mäkinen’s opinion, this requirement favours men. Mäkinen would like women to have their own requirements under the Cooper test that the army uses to judge the fitness of officer candidates.

Running 2,600 metres in under 12 minutes during a Cooper test has proven difficult for women. In the Equality Ombudsman’s opinion the differences in the physical capabilities of men and women should be reflected in the army’s entry requirements.

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  1. Totally worth the double facepalm, a great laugh in the morning. To do that bloody Cooper test is a real pain, I agree, but it’s somehow necessary. Oh and they should of course do doping tests^^

  2. 2600 m in 12 minutes difficult? Really. If someone is supposed to be professional soldier of any sort, they should have no troubles at all running that much, regardless of their gender or age. Speaking of age, I am not fond of the age groupings that defence forces do in these tests. I’d rather have everyone measured with same standards, and their posts would have different requirements for fitness.

    1. Thanks Reserve Sergeant, I hope everyone reading this realizes just how boneheaded the PC’ers really are.

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