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Yep, Obama has a Jewish problem, and the more he opens his mouth, the more evident it becomes. KGS

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Scapegoating Israel

There are some who say that President O’Bama is “pressuring Israel” for more concessions.  I disagree. The President is not pressuring Israel. He is scapegoating the Jewish State. 

Any sentence the President utters that includes “Israel” and “borders” is problematic to Israel’s enemies. Israel’s enemies will resent it.   President O’Bama knows that.  Thus, he has incited additional enmity toward the Jewish State by its enemies.  He has not advanced the cause of peace between Israel and its enemies.  That might be a problem for Jews, but there’s a bigger problem for America.

You see, the real problem is that U.S./Pakistani relations are in free-fall. A quick look at a map should tell you (or anyone) what that means to U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan. 

Last year, the Administration gave a $500 Million aid package to Pakistan only to find Osama bin Laden (i.e. “Public Enemy Number One”) enjoying safe haven there. US/Pakistani relations are in free-fall.  The “Arab Spring” has resulted in Arab regimes (either existing or in-waiting) losing trust in America.  As the euphoria of the bin Laden assassination quickly wears off the U.S. public in an election season, it is only natural for the President’s domestic political adversaries to criticize the Administration’s handling of affairs in that region.


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