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If you think that the verbal flatulence of the Finnish Left (who have a monopoly on both the media and governmental bureaucracy) over the former Helsinki city councilman (now MP of parliament, True Finns) has subsided , you’re badly mistaken.

They have been busying themselves with scouring the Finnish internet archives for a hint of scandal on the True Finns MP, sinking so low as to suggest that he approves of the idea that whites are smarter than blacks.

These Leftist puritans of political correctness pursuing Halla-aho (themselves a highly immoral bunch) are spurred on by what can be accurately be described as a zealous religious orthodoxy. They look for anything that can be twisted out of shape and presented as proof of the fallen nature of their target. They really believe in their own dogma.

Here’s yet another example of their dirty work.

NOTE: Remember, this immoral self anointed elite has never went after any of the Left with the same vigor, who are far more deserving, but only after those who dare challenge their orthodoxy.

Jussi Halla-aho: “Politically I am a conservative. Some might even call me extreme right-wing. I would not call myself that. I hate political correctness, ‘multiculturalism’, violent ‘diversity’, globalism, ‘human rights’ and ‘tolerance’, the latter of which have become officially sanctioned religions in Western countries in the past ten years.”

MP Halla-aho confronted by past comments

Texts written in previous years by True Finns MP Jussi Halla-aho have come to light recently.

Halla-aho, who is the chairman of the Administration Committee of the Finnish Parliament, which decides on matters related to immigration, wrote on his website in 2001 that he hates “human rights” and “tolerance”.

In addition he published more than ten texts written by other writers on a website that he called “politically incorrect”. The articles, written in English, had titles such as “Why Race Matters”, “The Myth of Diversity”, and “The Colour of Crime”.

The articles can be found on the Internet Archive site maintained by an organization that has stored web content on its server since the mid-1990s.

The first archived version of Halla-aho’s pages dates back to 2001. At the time Halla-aho was a 30-year-old researcher who was writing a doctoral thesis at the University of Helsinki.


In a telephone interview on Thursday Halla-aho explained a text in which he said that he hates “human rights”, saying that today the concept of human rights means the same as “tolerance”.

“Earlier human rights meant the right of people to fulfil themselves and to live how they see fit without interference without a fundamentally good reason. Later human rights have started to primarily mean the right of a group of people to gain access to the money of another group of people.”

Halla-aho says that he was not referring to the inalienable rights of freedom of speech, the right to personal inviolability, as set out in the UN Declaration of Human Rights.
“Of course I do not refer to those, which is apparent in the fact that I put quotation marks around tolerance and human rights in my text.”

Concerning the articles on race that he disseminated earlier, Halla-aho says that he did not take a stand on the matter in 2001, and does not want to do so now. The fact that he is the chairman of the Parliamentary committee which is responsible for immigration legislation has no impact on this. “This topic does not have any bearing on immigration.”

“I absolutely feel that in the natural sciences it must be permissible to talk about all kinds of things, and this belongs to that realm. I do not have the competence to take any stand on that.”

On one text, which speaks about parasitic behaviour, Halla-aho says that he does not feel that it is right to comment on individual sentences. Halla-aho also says that he does not agree with what Jared Taylor wrote.

Read it all here.

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