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Worth the read. We in the counterjihad are not over-inflating the realities surrounding Islam and the culture that stems from it.

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New book reveals dangers Pakistani brides face travelling to UK for marriage

May 25 2011 Annie Brown

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Dr Nusrat Raza has published a book about the dangers facing Pakistani brides

THOUSANDS of Pakistani women come to the UK to marry and find a better life… but end up trapped in a living hell.

They arrive on spousal visas and find themselves locked in a cycle of abuse, imprisoned and tortured by husbands and extended families.

They are lied to and cheated but can’t go home for fear they will disgrace their families.

Now Dr Nusrat Raza has published a book in Pakistan to show parents the dangers their daughters face.

She worked for more than a decade with Scottish organisation Hemat Gryffe Women’s Aid, who have helped some of the abused wives.

Using genuine cases, Dr Raza hopes Visa For Hell, published in English and Urdu, will open parents’ eyes and encourage them to help their daughters.

She said: “Working with these women, I could not comprehend that parents didn’t want to know their suffering, in-laws didn’t acknowledge they were human and public bodies ignored their existence. These women were excess baggage to everyone. They are victims of legitimate trafficking.”

Each of the 10 cases she highlighted ended with the women’s escape, but none could return home.

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  1. No surprise here, just the result of a culture and ‘religion’ trapped in, and refusing to leave the 7th century.

  2. Thanks for posting. This is an important issue. I heard that they take girls on ‘vacation’ and them force them into marriage. I hope this issue will be discussed in the UK.

  3. Iwould like to read this book but can’t seem to buy it anywhere. I hope you can help.

    1. text me your address so that i can send you this book. book was published in pakistan and i’m working at getting it published here in uk too.

      1. Found about your book after being a victim myself .I am a doctor & was married right after my graduation.It has been a painful journey and what bothers me most is that the guy I was married to was a doctor himself, belonged to a very educated famous beurocrat family and yet I was treated like a slave.Not in my wildest imaginations could I have thought that I was nothing more than a cheap form of labour not only for the guy but also his family.Despite all the level of education I had, I am ashamed to admit that I was ready to put up with everything, just to avert the divorce.Yet nothing was enough.
        You have done a great job to highlight one of the most ignored social menace. I would love to read this book.I hope I can find it in Pakistan.Keep up the good work.

        1. Thank you for commenting. I truly hope you that you have managed to overcome your situation, and that you are faring well. I will make a post out of your comment to help spread your message.

  4. I would dearly love to read this book. Can you advise me where I can purchase it
    Thank you

    1. Margaret, Ms.Razat has sent me her book to review and publicize. She said that she hopes to have it published within the UK, it’s already been published in Pakistan.

  5. has this book been published in uk yet,,i have been searching for this book for ages… luck !!!!

    1. Sorry Gill, I haven’t any idea! If I hear of something I’ll update the post.

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