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Tundra Tabloids’ tipster, Sisu, who warns:  “20 persons from Norway to sail with IHH ready to become martyrs for “Palestine”. It doesn’t look good, these people are not done trying to provoke serious confrontations at sea, and this time around the Israelis are going to take a different tack. KGS

NOTE: This flotilla is going to have Norwegian politicians sailing along with it when it takes off in June, who are no doubt hoping for a gotcha moment.

ATTACK: President of IHH Bulent Yildirim, a new Israeli attack on relief convoy will serve the Palestinian cause. Photo: AP

Gaza activists prepared to die as martyrs

VG.NO: (AP) The Turkish organization that is central to the planning of emergency aid convoy to Gaza says it is prepared to sacrifice martyrs for the cause.

More than 20 Norwegians, including several Members of Parliament from the Labour Party and the Socialist Party, will participate in the convoy as the end of June, will attempt to break Israel’s sea blockade of Gaza.

Among the organizers is the controversial Turkish organization IHH, which repeatedly has been linked to terrorist activities because of alleged ties to Hamas and al-Qaeda.

IHH condemned the recent killing of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden as “American terrorism” and several countries like the Netherlands and Israel have put the organization on its terrorist list.

Nine died

In a recent interview with the Turkish TV channel Kanal 5 notifies the organization’s president Bulent Yildirim that he is willing to sacrifice the lives of its members to break through the Israeli blockade.

– Even if we sacrifice martyrs to this case, we will stand on the side of justice, “said Yildirim, according to the Israeli newspaper Ynettnews.

Eight Turks and one American were killed when the Israeli navy board ship Mavi Marmara “during the previous attempt to break the blockade in May last year.

Israel was faced with massive international condemnation for the action, while the Israelis said soldiers fired in self-defense after being attacked with knives and various types of weapons.

VGTV: It turns activists soldiers with iron rods

IHH-president stressed that a new Israeli attack on the convoy will serve the Palestinian cause.

– This time the world community will stand against Israel. It will serve the Palestinians, “said Yildirim.

Israel has warned that the new ships trying to sail to Gaza will be stopped. Monday this week, the Israeli navy fired warning shots at a Malaysian boat that was heading to Gaza with the assistance supplies.

PRESIDENT: Parliamentary Vice Akhtar Chaudhry (SV) are among members of parliament who will participate in the Gaza convoy. Photo: Erlend Aas / SCANPIX
The boat was already in the Palestinian security zone when it was fired upon and forced to retreat to the Egyptian waters.

Silent about the terrorist claim

Several Members of Parliament from the Labour Party and the Socialist Party has announced that they will be with the convoy. Among them is the Parliament’s Vice President Akhtar Chaudhry.

He shares the President’s IHH-analysis that Israel will lose in trying to stop the convoy.

– I do not perceive that IHH wants an Israeli attack, or that they want martyrs. What they are saying is that the resistance to Israel will grow if they attack. It also showed the events of a year ago, “said Chaudhry.


Minister warns party colleagues

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store has previously warned his party colleagues not to participate, and believe members of parliament are in danger of being exploited by groups with other motives than their’s.

– I relate to that they must take responsibility for their actions in relation to both that one is on the inside of both Norwegian and international law and that they are confident that they are not exploited by groups that have other goals than they want to support, “he added to the AP under the Labor Party national congress in April.

Akhtar Chaudhry would not comment on the warning from the Minister.

NOTE: This is proof that the Israeli narrative of what happened on board the Mavi Marmara, has finally won the day in diplomatic circles.

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