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And this EU moron who wisely stays anonymous dare to say that the Libyan rebels are “moderates“. These Eurocrats are to be despised, with the population gearing up with pitchforks and torches and heading out to the capital buildings of every state demanding an end to the entire project. Why Europeans tolerate these morons is beyond me. KGS

EU gears up for post-Gaddafi role in Libya

“Our vision is that the UN and the EU will play a leading role in the post-Gaddafi period. A lot of work is now gearing up on what the priorities are, the interaction with the TNC, which has been very open to this, since they have very significant capacity issues,” one European diplomat with first-hand experience of the matter told a group of journalists on Wednesday (18 May).

The diplomat, who asked not to be named, insisted that the rebels “are not a bunch of Al-Qaeda fanatics.”

“There is an Islamic element in the politics of Libyan opposition at the moment, but it is a mild Islamic political trend, which is welcome and will have a role in the national dialogue which they envisage. Their focus is national, it’s a liberation struggle and they are doing their best to expand representation in the Council of the cities still under regime control,” the source explained.

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