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The state prosecutor’s office appears to be only interested in going after those accused of bogus hate-speech offenses.

Of course the state run broadcaster YLE adds its own qualifier into the article that is grossly misleading. The True Finn MP has been vocal over mass immigration policies that the public itself has disapproved of. There are nothing in Jussi Halla-aho’s writings that remotely resemble an anti-immigration stance, the True Finn member of parliament suggests only a reasonable and rational immigration policy that suits Finnish needs, nothing more. KGS

NOTE: To all of you at YLE who follow these pages, (yes, I know who you are, the TT follows your IP addresses), how about finally printing the truth about this man  for a change, and leave your journalistic demagoguery to the pages of Pravda?

ALSO: Jorma Kalske who’s mentioned in this article, is the same bureaucratic hack prosecutor that went after Halla-aho for simply pointing out the hypocrisy of the state in treating ethnic Finns and immigrants differently.

The Helsinki MP asked in his email whether Kalske intends to take action over threats made against True Finns, or whether his position had changed. According to Halla-Aho, some True Finns have even received death threats.

The Deputy Prosecutor General has not yet answered Halla-Aho’s message.

Source YLE


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