Australia Counterjihad International Civil Liberties Alliance


The beginnings of push back being seen in the streets of Melbourne as the Australian Counterjihad unfurl their flags and banners in protest of Islamization. The movement spreads! KGS

H/T Aeneas Lavinium

The demonstration was compact but included key activists from across Australia and marked the public launch of the Australian Counterjihad.  A broad range of Australians were present at the ADL demo from many age groups which illustrates the range of the population that is concerned about the Islamisation of Australia.  This is how movements in Europe and North America were established and which now have tens of thousands of activists.  Key regional organisers will go back to their local areas and grow their Divisions locally.  The demonstration in Melbourne has been a good focus and a key catalyst for the strategic organisation of activists across Australasia.  Networks are developing and the key nodes are now in place.  This is just the beginning and we expect impressive progress with the Australian Counterjihad in the months and years ahead.

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