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This is an article which has only appeared in a few small Norwegian papers, as far as the Tundra Tabloids can figure out. The author herself has translated it into English and a contact of hers has sent it to a TT tipster. This is the first English language website to publish it. KGS

Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in the West

By: Hanne Nabintu Herland, a Norwegian Academic, Historian of Religions and bestselling author. Her website is here. KGS

The President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres’ critical comments on Norways reluctancy to follow EU, UN and USA in denouncing Hamas as a terrorist movement, are timely remarks. If one adds Harvard professor Alan M. Dershowitz article in the Wall Street Journal 30. March, it all makes me ashamed to be Norwegian. Under the title “Jews are not welcome in Norway,” Mr. Dershowitz told of his encounters with anti-Semitic Norwegian academics who made it clear that he was unwanted as a guest lecturer at Norwegian universities. This is how Norwegian intellectuals treat one the West’s most famous defense lawyers and an internationally renowned Harvard University professor.

I met Dershowitz in March during Oslo Symposium 2011. His description of the obvious anti-semitism and the lack of willingness to be objective that characterizes Norwegian academia, is flat out shocking. During my opening lecture at the same Symposium Conference, I pointed out that the lack of nuances that characterizes the Norwegian understanding of the realities in Israel and the Middle East are not only shameless, but historically inacurate.

For culturally we have much more in common with the Jewish people than one would think. Western civilizational values ​​has its cradle in the Greek and Roman contributions, but also, and especially when it comes to values, in the Hebrew-Christian contribution. The European humanistic view of the dignity of human beings regardless of rank, class or ethnicity carries deep impact from Judaism. These values are at the core of what it means to belong to Western Civilization today.

But today, Norwegians  reach far beyond the question of Palestine, and instead of supporting the only real democracy in the Middle East, namely Israel, we blackmail the Israelis in a manner as though we were still in 1939 at the time the socialist Hitler “zieg heil ” was shouted in Norway. For the Nazis were Left Wing, and came out of Germany’s Socialist Labour Party, they were not right-wing. The individuals in the Norwegian politically powerful positions that have pushed for these solely negative attitudes towards Israel for so many years, are responsible for creating a politically-correct hatred towards Jews that has made Norway the most anti-Semitic country in the West.

Norways largest newspaper VG recently showed a survey on what the Norwegian people think of the largest TV station, NRKs chronically negative covering of Israel. The question was whether the people feel that the coverage is done in an objective manner or not. 60% believed that the recent complaint by the Israeli embassy in Oslo is right in that the coverage is constantly negative towards Israel and highly biased.

When the democratic right to free thinking is restricted, and only one part of the story is told, democracy alters shape and turns into a totalitarian system of speech control. This is the situation in Norway. Today many Jews hardly dare walk on the street in Oslo without fear of being spat on, – and not from Muslims but of ethnic Norwegian misguided people who think they do the truth a service by bullying fellow human beings.
Deep injustice lie in the fact that leading opinionmakers in the Norwegian system have decided not to contribute to increased knowledge of international relations, but only reflect the politically-correct Leftwing dictate. During Soviet times this was called propaganda.

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr-Store ongoing articles in international newspapers in defense of Hamas, reflects this naiveté which eventually becomes so great that one should be promoting suspicion of deliberate malice. His International Harald Tribune article February 15th is a disgrace. There is good reason to understand why parts of the Labour Party would rather have him as Minister of Health.

Then one could at least have stopped the harm this man is doing when it comes to degrading Norway’s international reputation. For Mr. Store is internationally ridiculing his own country by acting as a self-styled Hamas activist. He was recently caught lying in a live TV2 show, denying his continuous political talks with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal. He only changed his story when the reporter told him Mr. Meshaal had spoken about his conversations with Mr. Store.

Because of the lack of political will to tell both sides of the story, Norwegians are denied objective information that could have contributed to public knowledge of the situation. The same happened in Iran in 1979 when the Marxists and other supporters of the naive dreams of the effects of armed revolutions “of the people”, hailed Khomeini. The Shah of Persia was overthrown and many Marxists shed tears of joy because the Iranian people now had their revolution. Today many also cry, but for quite other reasons.

The Norwegian medias total and uncritical celebration of the angry young men on Tahrir Square during the recent revolution in Egypt, is a similar example. It was remarkably quickly forgotten that President Mubarak at the last election had more than 80% of the population behind him. During his years in power, he enabled Egypt to become Africa’s fastest growing economy and one of the Middle East’s most expansive, secular and stable country, rated as a middle income country by the UN, with a national income per. capita increased by 40% from 2004 up till today. In recent years, Mubarak succeeded in bringing one million out of poverty and into a middle class, an accomplishment that further pushed economic growth.

Many questions can be asked when it comes to the situation in the Middle East, including Egypt. It is well known that the country has struggled with corruption, poverty and lack of religious freedom. Nevertheless, the conservative philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville observed that when the so-called dictators over time have made conditions better for their people, that is when revolutions come that often makes things worse again.

The lack of will to promote and highlight various aspects of what is really happening in Israel as well as in numerous other international issues, is thus one of the reasons why many Norwegians now stand together and push for a new course in Norwegian politics. We want an end to the propaganda and to the misleading image which is continually portrayed of Israel.

NOTE: The astute Norwegian blogger at Norway Israel and the Jews has more on Hanne Herland, who participated in the March symposium in Oslo regarding Norway’s problem with anti-Semitism.

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  1. Good article. At least someone in Norway dares to tell the people the truth.

    1. What truth?
      The one that was implanted by Zionist themselves for their Agenda?
      Just check what and where family of PMs connections and doings are reaching.
      Directly to Zionists which are in need to push anti-Semitic agenda even today, is their mission…..
      Anyway I will not say a lot more, do your research!!

      1. Hey Moma, what in the heck are you trying to say, can’t make any head sense out of it.

      2. Moma is trying to explain how she’s a bigot and hates folks simply for being born into a particular culture or believing a certain way.

  2. Who would have thought that the land of Quisling would be anti-semitic?

  3. Finally the norwegians have produced a non-Quisling.

    As the bible tells the story, Abraham pleaded with God not to destroy Sodom and Gemorrah. God answered, saying that if they could produce ten righteous people he would spare them.

    Are there nine other non-Quislings in Norway today?

    1. Hi Robert, thanks for linking to the Tundra Tabloids, I like your line of thinking.

  4. what a brave and lovely lady. It is high time someone from Norway began to speak out about the brutal Palestinian Arabs and their anti-semitic propaganda spread all over Europe!

    1. The above comment was NOT written by me but by someone impersonating me. I have been harassed by phone, mail, email and online byt someone who disagrees with my particil;ation in the 2011 flotilla.

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