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Liars. This is a sect of Islam that’s hunted down for the fact that they’ve departed from traditional, widely accepted Islamic teachings that have been approved by all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence. That they’re taking their message to the private homes of people is an interesting development, one can only predict that their co-believers who hunt them for sport will now be doing the same thing to counter their message.

So they now join the Mormons and J-Witnesses in violating your property to spread their ideology. Great, so now Canadians will have Dawa at their doors real soon, that’s just what the doctor ordered now isn’t it? /Sarcasm off.  KGS

NOTE: They repeat every boiler plate lie in the fundamuslim handbook in the article, just think how much mischief and dissembling these creeps are peddling to the good people of Norwich.

H/T: Scottish Infidel

The group had a display about their beliefs set up in the program room at Norwich Public Library Saturday while several members went knocking on doors. The display included information on Islam’s perspective on everything from evolution to the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Besides speaking directly with people, the group handed out copies of The Holy Qu’ran in English and other books and literature about Islam to those interested in reading more.

The group launched its awareness campaign about a year and a half ago.

Earlier this year, volunteers distributed booklets about Islam in 45 communities, including Norwich, Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Port Hope and St. Thomas. Now they are following up by knocking on doors in each of the communities.

Some people perceive Islam as a religion that promotes terrorism, and that isn’t the case, Ansar Raza said.

“Our fundamental principle is peace and non-violence,” he said, pointing out their motto is love for all, hatred for none. “Armed struggle for conversion is totally prohibited.”

More here if you must, barf bag at the ready is well advised.

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