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This is what the Norwegian political, academic and for the most part, media elite, would prefer to sweep under the carpet. Those are the facts people, anti-Semitism is rife in Norway though they would have you to believe that they’ve cornered the market on humanitarianism. They haven’t, but they are specialists in humanitarian racism, or the soft racism of lowered expectations. That they have down pat for sure. KGS

First published in Norge IDAG.

– These problems were known in the Mosaic Religious Community in 2002, he says, and shows that he has written about this in his book.

– Not reported

There, he quotes a speech by the society’s representative Martin Bodd at an international conference organized by the Anti-Defamation League. Bodd stated that there had been more harassment of Jews in the two preceding years than any other period since 1945, and was told that there had been any harassment of at least ten Jewish children. Most of these events had not been reported on.

– Jews feel that they can not live in Norway without being quiet about most of these events. You can not be a proud Jew in Norway today. When incidents come to light, it is by chance, says Gerstenfeld.

– No separate schools

Gerstenfeld notes that the Jewish community consists of less than 800 people, and that, therefore, relatively speaking, many Jewish children who suffer incidents motivated by hate in schools.

– This problem is not specific to only Norway, but Norway is still particularly bad because it has no separate Jewish schools that it is possible to send children to.

Tells of hatred of Jews in Norwegian schools

IDAG.NO Anonymous school children recently told – through a letter in the newspaper Aftenposten on indirect death threats against Jews – that Hitler is admired by their peers and that “Jew” is a frequently used term of abuse.

It has long been known that “Jew” is a frequently used term of abuse among youth in Norwegian schools. Author of the book Anti-Semitism in Norway, Manfred Gerstenfeld, mentioned this already in 2008.

When NRK focused on the issue last year, brought it to the Ministry of Education ordered a report on how schools can combat anti-Semitism and racism. The report, “It can happen again,” came out in January. Now in April, two anonymous high school students again confirmed that “Jew” is a common term of abuse in school life, by sharing their experiences in letters to the editor in Aftenposten.

– Living in fear

Under the heading “Living in fear”, says 14 year old Victoria about the widespread hatred of Jews among the pupils at their school.

– Those who thought there was no hatred of Jews in the Norwegian school, was wrong, “she writes.

– Students say the Jews control everything, the entire West is controlled by Jews. Several also say that they admire Hitler because he killed Jews.

– In my class is that if someone supports terrorism, then there are some who object. But if someone expresses hatred of Jews, no one protests, writes Victoria.

– It is amazing that Hitler is admired, who caused so many people killed. Many students will hear the indirect death threats.

– Jews still live with fear inside, a fear of one day being killed, “she continues.

Jew as an insult

Victoria also confirms in his post that “Jew” is used much as the abuse of children.

-One doesn’t only apply the words to Jews, but also to others. They do it to express anger, frustration and pain, “she writes.

An anonymous post from “girl with a Jewish family” (15), tells of the same.

– “Jew,” is a frequently used term of abuse. Not only to Jews but to everyone and everything. “Jew,” if you get bad on a test. “Jew,” if you miss the target in the foot ball, “she writes.

People get hurt

– One time I did my homework and two friends together. She said one “Jew,” to one or other, and she said other “hush, then. Xxx sitting here. ” When she answered first: “It does not matter, she knows that I use Jew as an insult.” To those of you that use Jew, negro, pack ice, whore, gay, etc. as an insult: Please end! Believe it or not, people get hurt, appeals the 15-year-old girl.

– Several times I found excuses to go home earlier from school, because I can not bear to cry in front of others, “she says.

– When I told my grandmother that someone said such things to me in school, she was beside himself. I almost thought she would faint. Little did she how much hatred in Norway has evolved, “she continues.


Signe Marie Natvig Andreassen sat on the committee that in January, delivered the report, “It can happen again.” It contains 39 proposals for preventive measures against anti-Semitism, which is now being considered by the Ministry. During the work of the committee met Andreassen several Jewish students who spoke about their experiences.

– It’s scary what Jewish kids are exposed to, she said to Aftenposten.

She believes that using the word “Jew” as an insult is a violation and urges school administrators to deal with such events as disciplinary matters.

Oslo has launched a survey of anti-Semitism and racism among students. The results of this survey will be ready in May.

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  1. It’s an absolute shame for Norway. Antisemitism is becoming mainstream. They should all hang their heads in shame.

  2. Oslo will launch an inquiry? What for? NRK launched it’s own in house inquiry regarding it’s anti Israel posture, and found itself not guilty and in fact complimented itself. What rubbish.

    The core of the problem is the Norwegian elite in government, unions, education, news media that have fostered such hate on all things on Israel. Most of the nonsense is not only untrue, but slanderous and libel all in the name of freedom of speech. But that freedom is one wau only. That same right is denied to the Jews and those in favour of Israel.

    Norway today shows the same tendencies of pre war Nazi Germany. no doubt to the leftwing neofascists and rightwiing nazis, that is a compliment. Sadly though, it is demeaning and an insult. Have no worries, the shadow of Quisling has spread over Norway and it is now too late to rectify. When a country is unable to defend the smallest of its minorities, it does not have reason to criticise others and is the beginning of the end of democracy.

    Norway, you should be afrains, very afraid of your future, assuming that you have one

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